A Disability Attorney May Be Able to Help People Denied for Cognitive and Memory Issues

Most initial applications for Social Security disability benefits are denied. A Disability Attorney helps clients file an appeal or a new claim with the necessary documentation. Sometimes lack of sufficient documentation or errors in the paperwork are the main issues.

It can be difficult to persuade the Administration that a person is truly disabled enough to not be able to earn a living. Even when the physical problems are obvious, the representatives may still believe the person can do some type of productive work. When the issues are mental and cognitive rather than outwardly physical, the problem of verification becomes even greater.

Cognitive Problems

A Disability Attorney may be able to help when a person is trying to claim benefits because of a mental illness or a cognitive problem that has been worsening. A small percentage of individuals begin developing early-onset Alzheimer’s in their 50s, for instance. Others start experiencing signs of serious memory problems or even dementia after a traumatic brain injury.

A Lack of Research

One difficulty is that no comprehensive research has been done on the effects that traumatic brain injury can have on middle-aged individuals in regard to their work abilities. These injuries have been connected with degenerative neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease and general memory disorders, but controlled studies are lacking.

A Relevant Study

An example of a recent study was published in 2018. It found that traumatic brain injury does increase the risk of dementia, although that risk decreases over time. The more serious the injury, the greater the risk. Thus, a person who had suffered this type of trauma at age 50 might be developing troubling memory issues a few years later that make it impossible to do his or her job effectively.

There also are conflicting results in studies that have found dementia in people who had previously suffered this kind of injury. In some, doctors diagnosed Alzheimer’s disease, and in others, a different form of cognitive disorder. All these factors can cause difficulty when applying for disability benefits. A lawyer like Eric R. Hunt provides free consultations to potential clients. Contact information can be found at website

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