A Drug Attorney in Rockwall, TX Represents College Students Charged with Cocaine Possession

by | Sep 15, 2017 | Attorney

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It doesn’t really matter whether a young adult is a college student and doing well when they are arrested for possession of illegal drugs in Texas. Possession of a small amount of marijuana isn’t the end of the world, but holding certain other types of contraband can lead to very serious consequences. The assistance of a drug attorney in Rockwall, TX is crucial when a student has been arrested for possession of cocaine.

College students are generally known for partying, including indulging in underage drinking and experimenting with illegal drugs. Unfortunately, although this doesn’t have significant negative effects on academic achievement and extracurricular participation for most students, being caught with contraband can be a life-changing experience.

Problems Associated with Cocaine Use

Texas takes cocaine use very seriously because the drug is connected with several problematic aspects. It is associated with domestic violence and theft to finance the user’s habit. A person who becomes dependent on cocaine is at risk of becoming a drug dealer in order to have regular access to the substance.

Severity of the Situation

Conviction even of a first-time offense for cocaine possession can result in jail time. As little as one gram can result in felony charges by the government’s prosecuting attorney. A drug attorney in Rockwall, TX can successfully make a solid case for leniency for the defendant.

Possible Alternatives to Incarceration

A diversion program is available for certain offenders who were only holding a small amount of the substance. Deferred adjudication probation is another possibility. As long as the person successfully completes the terms of probation, no jail sentence will be imposed. It must be noted that probation for a cocaine-related offense is very restrictive and difficult for most people to follow. It takes a great deal of dedication and self-discipline to do so.

Firms such as the Law Office of Tim Hartley provide aggressive criminal defense service for their clients. A college student may only have been dabbling very casually with cocaine, but that casual and rare usage can still get the individual into an enormous amount of trouble. Browse the website to learn more about this particular law firm.

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