A Medicaid Law Firm Can Help The Elderly With Medicaid Planning in Wellesley MA

As individuals grow older, their medical expenses can begin to grow astronomically, leading them to need to seek help from Medicaid Planning in Wellesley, MA. Unfortunately, eligibility can be a complex subject to deal with and many individuals do not fully understand how the process works or what needs to be done to ensure themselves or a loved one will be able to be approved for Medicaid. This is why many find it beneficial to work with a Medicaid Law Firm. Understanding how a lawyer can help will allow individuals to make sound decisions and be prepared for the process.

Being accepted into the Medicaid program is crucial for many aging seniors who simply cannot afford their medical costs. Unfortunately, there are harsh restrictions on assets and many individuals end up being denied, even though they truly need the assistance. Working with a Medicaid Law Firm will allow individuals to learn what can be done to restructure their assets and prepare the necessary documentation so there is a viable chance of them being approved.

One way a lawyer can help an individual be approved for Medicaid is by helping them set up a trust so their assets will be secured for their heirs and cannot be counted against them. Lawyers can also manage all trust transfers and assist their clients in successfully converting countable assets into exempt assets so they are not denied their Medicaid benefits.

It is imperative an individual seeks a lawyer to properly protect their home from Medicaid recovery which can end up placing a lien on a home. This is crucial for preventing seizure of the home. The lawyer will work to help manage the finances of the family and secure assets so they will be protected for the healthy spouse of the one who is being cared for through Medicaid coverage.

If you are in need of legal assistance to help you increase your chances of being accepted into the Medicaid Planning Program in Wellesley, MA, contact the Dennis Sullivan & Associates. They will be happy to help you through the entire process while working to protect your family and your assets. Call them today and ask them to schedule your consultation appointment.

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