A New York Veterans Benefits Attorney May Help Increase Your Compensation

by | Nov 4, 2019 | Attorney

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If you need help with your VA disability claim, a veterans benefits attorney in New York may be able to assist you. Appealing a VA disability decision can be tricky, and you probably don’t want to file a new claim with the VA. In some situations, you may have your disability connected to your service but still not receive proper compensation due to a low rating. It’s crucial to ensure that you receive a proper rating so that you get the compensation you deserve. A skilled attorney who specializes in veterans benefits can greatly increase your chance of being properly compensated.

Legally Trained Lawyers

One of the top benefits of using a veterans benefits attorney in New York is that you’ll be receiving assistance from legally trained attorneys who are familiar with this area of law. Your evidence can be reviewed to make sure that it’s the best that it can be. Upon careful review all of your data, you may end up with the proper benefits if you win an appeal.

Fully Investigated

One mistake that can occur if your case is not fully investigated is having an incorrect effective date. By utilizing a veterans benefits attorney in New York, your records will be carefully scrutinized. If there are previous claims that can justify taking your benefits back to an earlier effective date, you may be eligible for a significant amount of money due to all of the benefits that you should’ve been paid over the years.

Selecting a Specialized Attorney Just Makes Sense

The laws associated with VA disability can be extremely complex. When you hire a legally trained lawyer, it can help clarify specific issues and make sure that your claim is supported by specific evidence. If you’re ready to work with this type of attorney, be sure to contact Jackson & MacNichol.

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