A Personal Injury Attorney in Gig Harbor: Questions You Should Ask Your Attorney

by | Nov 7, 2014 | Attorney

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If you get involved in an accident due to the negligence of someone else, the negligent party should take care of your medical bills and any other compensations. If, for instance, it is the driver was breaking traffic rules that resulted to an accident, their insurance company should compensate you. You hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Gig Harbor if the liable party is not cooperative. You will need a competent lawyer to increase the chances of winning the case. Here are some basic questions that you should ask the attorney:

What he is good at

Most attorneys have the knowledge about the various law cases, but there are those that they are more competent in some areas than others. If what you want is proper representation, do not go for your regular family lawyer if he has no experience in injury cases. Your choice regarding this matter will greatly influence the outcome of the case.

How many years of experience be boasts?

Choose a lawyer that has many years of experience. You might be tempted to hire one with minimal experience probably to save on money, but you should consider the effect it can have on your case. Lack of proper exposure to these kinds of cases may make the lawyer lack the proper approach of some situations involved in this case. For instance, a lawyer with over 20 years of experience cannot be compared with a fresh graduate. The latter must have handled hundreds of these cases that are an added advantage to his ability to successfully work on your case, facing any challenges that come his way.

Will he be the one handling your case to the end?

Most of the prominent attorneys leave the cases to other lawyers to handle. After contacting a law firm, find out whether the attorney you interview will handle your case to the end. Sometimes they get entangled in many cases and leave some of their colleagues to handle some of their cases. If this happens to you, it might compromise your case because you might be left with a less competent lawyer.

With a Personal Injury Attorney in Gig Harbor, be sure you will be compensated for the injuries. Contact them by visiting the website.

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