A Probation Violation Lawyer In Philadelphia is Mandatory if You Have Violated Your Probation

by | Feb 10, 2014 | Lawyer, Lawyers and Law Firms

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You know that violating probation can cause you to be returned to prison. You may have received probation instead of serving jail time, but to avoid prison you are required to comply with court ordered mandates. Complying with these is necessary to remain free. There are also guidelines which you may be directed to follow as a condition of your probation. These may include the following:

*   Paying a fine
  Participating in a drug rehabilitation program
  Providing routine urine samples
*   Performing community service
  Reporting regularly to a probation officer

These are important, but missing meetings with your probation officer or not attending the drug rehab program are sure to land you in a lot of trouble. Other actions which can lead you to being charged with violating your parole are:

  Drugs in your possession or using drugs
*   Keeping the company of felons
*   Possession or purchase of a firearm
  Testing positive for controlled substances
*   Failure to pay fines or make restitution
*   Failure to keep probation officer informed of changes in employment or address
  Loss of employment
*   Failing to pass a mandatory drug test

All of the requirements are important, but one very important requirement of probation is keeping all meetings scheduled with your probation officer. While all of the above are serious violations, missing appointments with your probation officer can lead to very serious trouble. In fact, any violation of your probation can result in further sentencing, penalties and being returned to prison.

The best way avoid trouble is comply with every requirement of your probation. However, if you backslide for any reason at all. you should hire a Probation Violation Lawyer In Philadelphia to get involved quickly. There is an unwritten rule which says that attorneys and probation officers have a good rapport which enables them to work together. You do not have this rapport. An attorney who has established ongoing communication with the probation officer has an excellent chance of protecting the probation violator.

The probation violation lawyer is experienced in the probation rules so it will not be easy for the probation officer to act on his own thoughts about you. The lawyer can intercede in several ways. He knows the probation violation rules and penalties, but more importantly, he knows the exception provided in your probation or in the law. You can get this help from Legal Philly lawyers.


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