A Professional Bankruptcy Lawyer in Wellington FL Helps You Eliminate Your Debt

Debt relief in the form of bankruptcy is a legal process that results in the clearing of all of your eligible debt. But, it requires paperwork that you most likely have never seen before in your life. The first time you look at the petition, you are most likely going to be confused as to what to do. This is why you need to talk to a professional bankruptcy lawyer in Wellington FL once you decide to file.

You need to prove your need for relief in order to get a permanent injunction for your debts. This injunction bars debt collectors from ever contacting you ever again. Your debts then become ineligible for collection, and a collection agency that violates that injunction can be sued. The law takes the concept of debt elimination very seriously, and has given the consumer rights to ensure that creditors respect the law.

Because this is a legal process, you are best served by working with a professional bankruptcy lawyer in Wellington FL . You discuss your financial issues with the lawyer, and the lawyer suggests a course of action to resolve them. The core of the debt resolution is bankruptcy, but you may have extenuating circumstances that need to be seen to before filing. The lawyer can devise a plan to take care of your issues before filing so that you can move forward without them being an issue.

Once you are ready to file, the lawyer has you take a credit counseling class as required by law. This is necessary, and you have to take a class before filing, and after. The certificates of completion have to be submitted to the court, one when you file, and the other by a deadline set when the petition was filed. The idea behind this is to make sure you that you have learned a lesson about not getting into debt again.

In order to get the petition completed for filing, the lawyer asks you for certain kinds of financial information, and sometimes a credit report. Making sure that all creditors are listed means all are notified of your bankruptcy and the automatic stay. The automatic stay is a temporary injunction that becomes permanent once you are given a discharge. Once you get a discharge, you can move on with your life, debt free.

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