Achieving Financial Stability With Bankruptcy Lawyers In Tallassee, AL

Bankruptcy Lawyers in Tallassee, AL assist you with claims that allow you to eliminate your debts through reorganization. This method provides you with the opportunity to acquire a settlement from some of your creditors to decrease the overall amount of the debt. Your attorney performs this task by communicating with your creditors on your behalf. This attorney can acquire a settlement and include this amount into your bankruptcy claim. To hire an attorney to assist you with this venture contact Courtney & Mann LLP.

Achieving Financial Stability

Through bankruptcy you have the opportunity to achieve financial stability. Your attorney presents your claim to the court. A hearing is scheduled in which you and your creditors attend. Your creditor establish whether or not they wish for their accounts to be listed within the bankruptcy claim. Debts that are included are calculated with the total amount of debt and a payment plan is created. You pay this monthly payment until all debts are paid off.

Bankruptcy Attorney

Courtney & Mann LLP makes it their mission to assist consumers with significantly large amounts of debt. Through bankruptcy claims, you find a debt-relief solution that is effective and allows you to pay off these debts over time. These attorneys negotiate with your creditors to achieve settlements. These settlement amounts are included in your claim. To achieve this debt-relief solution, contact Courtney & Mann LLP today or visit their website at for further details.


Bankruptcy Lawyers in Tallassee, AL provide assistance with debt issues that are preventing your from achieving financial stability. With the help of an attorney you can establish a plan for reorganization that will ensure that you eliminate all of your debts. Bankruptcy for consumers helps remedy debt issues and provide the opportunity to seek financial stability. You will submit a claim through court and attend a hearing with your creditors to establish which debts are eligible for inclusion. The judge prepares a repayment plan for your debts and allows you to pay monthly payments until these debts are paid off. To learn more about this opportunity, contact Courtney & Mann LLP.

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