All You Need to Know About Bail Bond in Honolulu

by | Jun 11, 2014 | bail-bonds

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For people that have been arrested for various crimes, getting bail is an indication of the basic tenant of the country’s laws, that a person is innocent until they are proven guilty. However, if you have been released on bail but cannot be able to pay the full amount, you will need an alternative such as the bail bondsman. The bondsman will pay the amount stated for you and you will be allowed to leave the jail until the trial process begins. Below are some of the things that you need to know about getting Bail Bond in Honolulu.

The bail amount

The amount of money that is set as bail often depends on the seriousness of the crime that you are alleged to have committed. For instance, if you are being accused of fraud whereby you are being accused of having embezzled millions, the Bail Bond in Honolulu will be set very high. Note that the bind is just set as the court’s assurance that you will not run or try to escape justice.

The bondsmen

The bondsmen will pay for you the bail amount, as long as you have collateral. The reason they ask for collateral is because they want to be assured that in case you miss the court hearings and forfeit the bail, they will not lose their money. The value of the collateral will depend on the amount of money that they pay for you in bail. When you show up in court for the hearings, the bondsman will get back their money.

The benefits of using bondsmen

First, they are the easiest way to get money and post bail if you do not have an instant source of money. Secondly, when they post bail for you, you are able to get back to the normal activities like work and this prevents the charges from affecting your work life. The other benefit of getting bail is the fact that you will have more freedom to interact with your lawyer and come up with a good line of defense. Also, when you are attending the case from outside, you will look and feel confident about your innocence.


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