An Experienced Auto Accident Lawyer in Silverdale Can Help You Recover Financially From the Accident

An Experienced Auto Accident Lawyer in Silverdale Can Help You Recover Financially From the Accident

Chances are very good that everyone will be involved in an auto accident at least once in their lives. Many people experience this traumatic event more than once and are injured. Accidents are not on anyone’s schedule, but doing certain things dramatically increases the chance of being involved in an accident.

*    Pay attention to driving! Distracted drivers are the No. 1 cause of auto accidents. In fact, accidents cause accidents when someone slows to see what’s going on and then runs into the car in front of them. Nothing should be more important than paying attention to the other vehicles on the road. Eating, drinking and changing the radio station can land you in the hospital or the morgue. Texting while driving is just plain dumb.

*   Being too tired to drive safely is always a problem. It’s always more difficult to drive at night and requires more concentration, not less. If someone just can’t keep their eyes open, pull over in a safe spot and take a nap. Far too many people have died because someone fell asleep at the wheel.

*   Everyone has heard,”Don’t drink and drive” many, many times. There is really no excuse. Drunk drivers have impaired reaction times and judgement and do not have the right to injure others.

*   Learn to drive defensively, not aggressively. Don’t tailgate. Obey the driving laws, especially the speed limits. It’s impossible to control what other drivers do, but everyone can control how they act when driving. It will not prevent ever being in an accident, but it will improve the odds.

Otto Law Offices has been representing those who have been injured by another since 1990. In fact, the firm remains focused on cases involving personal injury and vehicle accidents. Anthony Otto has a wide breadth of experience; he has been litigating cases for over 33 years and for the past 23 years has dedicated himself to personal injury claims. This well-respected attorney practices before all courts in the State of Washington, the Federal Court for Washington’s Western District as well as the U.S. Supreme Court. This Auto Accident Lawyer in Silverdale is also involved in a number of community activities. Visit Otto Law Offices for a free consultation to discuss the available options.

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