Areas of expertise for a Criminal Defense Lawyer Portland, OR and others

Sometimes people are in need of a lawyer, whether it be to prosecute someone or defend someone for a crime they are being held accountable for. Every lawyer will have their area of expertise and those areas in which they practice law. A typical criminal defense lawyer Portland, OR would have a list of what exactly they will go to court to represent. Some of these things might include but are certainly not limited to are crimes that are committed by professionals (which are often called white collar crimes, such as tax fraud, bank fraud, money laundering etc.), violent crimes (such as murder, manslaughter, rape, burglary etc), and drug sales and/or possession.

A criminal defense lawyer Portland, OR can have a difficult time on their hands for sentencing with their clients if they have federal drug charges against them. Oregon State has been more lenient on those who are young or have not been charged before. The state has been deciding to use treatment programs to rehabilitate the offender rather than going to jail for a lengthy period of time.

If a criminal defense lawyer Portland, OR is not what is being looked for, but rather a divorce attorney Portland, OR, there are, again, many to choose from. Most attorneys who specialize in divorce, also have a list of other areas that fall under or around the same subject. Some of these specific areas are separation agreements, child custody (and modification of custody), child support (and modification of support), visitation rights, alimony, orders of protection and prenuptial or post-nuptial agreements. Dealing with the area of separating a family is a very fragile time in everyone’s lives involved. Finding a lawyer who will be sensitive to the needs of their client is never a bad thing. In fact, making sure that the lawyer involved in any case is sensitive to the needs of their client is something that is often looked for. Wanting the lawyer to have the client’s best interest in mind is where someone should start their search, which in Portland, OR should not be that hard as their are plenty of lawyers available like The Law Office of Andrew M. Kohlmetz LLC.

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