Benefits of Getting a Worker’s Compensation Attorney

by | Dec 30, 2014 | Attorney

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When you get injured at work, the law allows you to file lawsuit against your employer for a tort case. However, most employers have a worker’s compensation insurance scheme that is supposed to compensate injured workers. When you have joined this scheme, you are not allowed to sue for injury compensation. However, when an insurer fails to pay you in time, you should hire a Worker’s Compensation Attorney to help you with the case. Here are a few tips that can help you with the case.

Gathering evidence

It is essential to note that insurers will not be waiting to hand you compensation easily after an injury. When you decide to sue the employer, you should have sufficient evidence to support your claim. The evidence used here includes medical records from the treatment of the injury, financial records that show the amount of money that you have spent in treating the injury and other related charges. Also, as you gather your evidence, you should know that the insurers will be looking for evidence that can discredit you and your claim. Being caught participating in work or sporting activities during the tie when you are out of work because of the injury could ruin your case.

Filing the case

You are supposed to file a case at the bureau that is closest to you. There are lots of forms that you will be required to fill in the process. In order to have an easy time filing, you should make sure that the information you give on the forms is clear and consistent. A lawyer will help you cross-check the forms and make sure that all the information you provide is consistent. These steps will raise your chances of getting a fair hearing.

The compensation hearing

Insurance companies do not like going to court. As a result, they will push for a pre-trial settlement. Your lawyer should represent you at this settlement and ensure that they push for your right. In case the opposing counsel does not agree with your terms, you could take the case to court and get a settlement.


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