Benefits of Parents Sharing Joint Child Custody in Hollywood, FL

by | Dec 11, 2018 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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A divorce is not easy on anyone including the children involved. There are so many questions needing to be answered including who gets child custody in Hollywood, FL. The children of divorce stand to benefit a lot if parents share joint physical custody. Here are a few of the main benefits.

Relationships with Both Parents

Parents who share physical joint custody in Hollywood, FL allow their children the opportunity to maintain healthy relationships with both parents. The children are allowed to love both parents without having to determine loyalty. They will also have access to both parents without fear of repercussions.

The Children Benefit

With both parents being involved in the day-to-day lives of the children, there are less legal arguments. Children play the “blame game” in different ways than adults do. They cannot separate themselves emotionally from the situation. When both parents work together, not only are they good role models but they can also help reassure their children that the divorce isn’t the child’s fault.

Less Trauma for Children

When a family goes through a divorce, the children often feel a sense of rejection when one parent is moving out. Children who continue to have access to both parents are not as likely to suffer from a sense of loss, low self-esteem, or rejection.

Benefits the Parents

When divorced parents share joint child custody in Hollywood, FL, they should both have household rules for the children. If they are sharing the children time-wise it’s easier to avoid the “Disneyland Dad” syndrome. There is a continuity of house rules and children are not afforded as many opportunities to pit one parent against the other.

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