Benefits of Pursuing a Collaborative Divorce

by | Oct 3, 2013 | Lawyer

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Over the years, courts and divorce lawyers have tried to make the process less draining or bitter. Fortunately, there is collaborative divorce. This is where the parties involved decide not to air their dirty linen in public. Instead of subjecting one another to courtroom dramas, they engage in negotiations outside court. The couple participates in a series of discussions where they air their grievances and chart the way forward. In these discussions, no one is allowed to give threats with relation to litigation or child custody. The proceedings remain confidential. Each party is allowed to have a collaborative divorce CT lawyer.

Below are some advantages of collaborative divorce over other forms of litigation:

* It is less costly: Conventional forms of litigation are expensive. In a normal divorce case, you will hire a lawyer on a retainer. The legal costs vary depending on your attorney’s experience as well as his/her reputation. In most cases, divorce lawyers prefer to resolve matters without going to court. In the event that your case finds its way to court, the amount of legal fees goes up. Collaborative divorces cost less as both parties agree not to file suits.

* Less time spent: Divorce cases can drag on for years. Eventually, you end up going to court where the judge will decide the next path your life will take. During the time your case is being considered, your life and that of the family is affected. A lot of time gets wasted which you could have used to improve your life. Collaborative divorce cases conclude quickly. This is due to the fact that both sides agree to disclose all material facts ahead of time. There is no time wasted trying to find out if you or your partner is telling the truth or not. It takes about 2-4 months before such matters are concluded.

* Little or no contention: A collaborative divorce has got fewer bones of contention than a traditional one. Both parties work together towards a mutual end. No one holds back key facts leaving no space for adjournments or guessing what the next move will be. When a matter is discussed collaboratively, each person feels satisfied with the progress. This is quite unlike traditional litigation where one person may feel like the legal system cheated them.

In an ongoing collaborative divorce CT process, both spouses are able to exercise control over their settlement. You have a say in everything that takes place in the meetings. Not everyone is pleased with what the courts decide. But here is a chance to discuss on what is best for each other as well as the children. While this is going on, other members of the public cannot poke their noses into your affairs.

A collaborative divorce is less taxing in every sense. You will separate from your spouse with a lot of respect and the same will be accorded to you.


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