Benefits of Using Canadian Process Serving for Delivering Legal Documents

Whether you are serving legal paper to a respondent or defendant, you want to ensure the documents are delivered in a timely manner. Regardless if you are servicing the paperwork to a specific individual or an adult that resided in the same home. You want to make sure they are properly delivered and in a peaceful manner. If the documents are not delivered correctly, it can jeopardize a legal case that you have pending. A company that offers Canadian process serving in Toronto area provides the services that you require when you need legal documents served and want to ensure they are delivered properly.


  • Saves you the time of having to submit the paperwork and delivering them yourself.
  • Costs less to hire a process servicing company to deliver important documents.
  • Documents can be delivered on a Sunday if permitted by the state or province.
  • A Canadian process serving in Toronto is handled by one office to minimize the risk of the paperwork being lost.
  • Improves communication between you and the processing company to give you better control.
  • The documents can be processed daily, weekly or monthly to meet your specific needs.

Gain the Experience of Highly-Trained Contractors

Since 1985, Select Document Services Inc has built one of the premier networks for processing legal documentation. They relieve you of the frustration of having to wait to for documents to be processed by providing skilled contractors for the job. Their contractors understand the complex process of filing and serving legal documentation. That is why their primary focus is to provide the services you require to help cut through the red tape to quickly have your paperwork served to the recipient. With their unparalleled services, you do not have to deal with the frustration of processing legal documents.

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