Bicycle Accident Attorneys in Fort Collins Offer Advice Following an Accident of This Type

Bicycle Accident Attorneys in Fort Collins Offer Advice Following an Accident of This Type

Being involved in an accident with a vehicle when you are riding a bicycle is, to say the least, a very frightening experience. Thankfully, this doesn’t happen that often. For those who are involved in a collision of this type, however, the steps to take immediately following the accident are very important. Furthermore, they may have an impact on the amount of compensation received. For this reason, it is crucial that bicycle accident attorneys in Fort Collins be contacted immediately.

Contact Law Enforcement

Never leave the scene of the accident without speaking to the police. This ensures a police report is filed regarding the incident and it is necessary even when injuries are not apparent. Injuries may not be noticed for a period following the collision, and they can be permanent and serious. By calling in law enforcement, a bicyclist can ensure the at-fault driver is identified. Never speak to the driver without an officer present either, as anything said may be used by the other side in the event a lawsuit is filed. Be sure to obtain a copy of the police report filed for future reference.

Record What Happened

Write down your version of what happened as soon as possible following the accident. Obtain all information from the driver of the vehicle, including their driver’s license number and insurance policy information. Also, talk to anyone who witnessed the accident and obtain their contact information. If there is any dispute as to what happened, these individuals can provide third-party accounts to insurance carriers, attorneys, and more. Be sure to keep your medical records related to the accident also.

Secure the Evidence

Although it would be nice to have the bicycle right away, don’t have it fixed. Don’t get rid of any clothing that you were wearing when the accident occurred either. It may be needed as evidence if the case goes to court. It’s best not to wash it until the case is settled. Finally, save the helmet as evidence.

When the time comes to compare bicycle accident attorneys in Fort Collins, contact theLaw Offices of Burton & Burton. They regularly works with individuals who have been involved in accidents of all types. He will fight to ensure you get the compensation you deserve for the injuries sustained. As a result, you can focus on your recovery, which is the most important thing.

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