Buy a Lemon? See What Legal Rights You Have Under Wisconsin Lemon Law

Many consumers that purchase used vehicles get taken by dishonest car salesmen purposely hiding the scary history of the car until too late. Due to the increasing prevalence of this crime, more states have enacted Lemon Laws to help protect the party that bought the defective vehicle blissfully unaware. If you’ve bought a lemon, see what legal rights you might have under Wisconsin Lemon Law.

Get the Real History of Your Defective Car

Anytime that a claim is placed against a used car salesperson, it is generally required that the new owner present the actual real history of the car that is giving them untold problems. This helps to ascertain that the first owner knowingly sold a car that had problems, if these problems are not clearly spelled out, the new owner may be entitled to compensation.

How Does the Lemon Law Protect Unsuspecting Consumers?

Like any other type of sale, a vehicle must be sold under honest representation. It is no longer enough for the original owner to say it was sold used. Now, if the vehicle begins to break down or won’t operate as it should, there is a small window of time when these consumers can pursue legal compensation under these Wisconsin Lemon Law regulations.

Get the True Facts Regarding Lemon Law in Wisconsin

Wisconsin, like many other states, protects their consumers by holding a vehicle sale to a higher standard. The dishonest original owner may be legally liable. Contact Lemon Law America for legal help.

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