Call a Caring and Compassionate Auto Accident Attorney in Lubbock, TX

Injuries and pain are difficult to deal with after an auto accident. Contacting a caring and compassionate auto accident attorney in Lubbock, TX will alleviate the stress and frustration that victims can feel. An attorney will protect the victim’s rights and fight aggressively against the insurance company to obtain the highest settlement possible for their injuries.

An auto accident attorney can find solutions to problems like how to receive payment for lost wages and paying the medical bills. The help of an attorney will bring positive results for the victim of an auto accident.

Do I Have a Case?

Many auto accident victims are not be sure whether they have a case. The best way to find out is by scheduling a free consultation with an auto accident attorney. It is important for the victim to bring as much information as possible to the consultation so the attorney has a clearer picture.

If the injured victim was not at fault for the accident, they can usually pursue a case against the negligent party. Serious injuries that leave an individual unable to work could result in the payment of lost wages. The victim’s medical bills, pain, suffering, personal property loss, and much more could be incorporated into a claim against the negligent party.

What to Do After an Auto Accident

After the police have been called to the scene, the victim should write down any information about the driver, the insurance company, make and model of the car, and any names and contact information of the witnesses.

Victims should obtain medical treatment as soon as possible after an accident for their injuries. When they wait two or three days to receive medical treatment, it could jeopardize their case. After they have received medical treatment, they should contact an auto accident attorney in Lubbock, TX. The attorney will be able to answer calls from the insurance company and begin the negotiation process.

There is no reason an automobile accident should cause financial hardship for a victim for the rest of their life.

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