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by | Sep 18, 2013 | Lawyer

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Any legal matter is an important one. Even what appears to be a simple traffic ticket can quickly escalate to far more serious consequences if there are circumstances in the defendant’s past criminal history that have a bearing on how the courts view the newly charged crime.

The courts operate on a tight budget with staff that are overworked and each day, the calendars are filled with cases that were scheduled in advance, as well as the brand new cases that are related to defendants who are in custody. From an initial court appearance to discuss bail or an out of custody arraignment, it is always wise to have the advice and the counsel of your own attorney to guide you through the process.

A search for Attorney Bethlehem will net you a locally experienced lawyer who can consult with you about the facts of your case. Each legal case is unique and even what may seem to be the identical charges for two defendants can be handled very differently, depending on the defendant’s list of prior offenses. A lawyer can look at their client’s entire criminal record and put the new charges in context, advising them as to the best course of action for the new case.

Attorneys who are familiar with local courts, local judges and the local prosecutors are able to advise their clients in meaningful and helpful ways that truly advocate for the client and their best interests. Court hearings move quickly. New dates are set and there may be requirements the defendant must fulfill as a condition of a plea bargain or even just to remain out of custody. The attorney who represents their client will make sure that the client understands what the court expects from them, and will be available to explain all of the paperwork pertaining to the case so that the defendant can make informed choices about their defense.

Much of what goes on in a court of law can seem as if it is taking place in a foreign language. Having your defense counsel with you can give you a guide to light the way as your case is being handled by the courts.




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