Choosing The Right Des Moines Lawyer

by | Dec 20, 2013 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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A Des Moines Lawyer practicing in the areas of workers compensation and personal injury offer assistance for victims. Personal injuries that are not the fault of the victim lead to actionable claims in which the victim can receive high-valued compensation based on his or her injuries. At any time that the victim sustained a serious injury it is likely that an attorney can demand compensation to sustain the victim throughout his or her life. The nature of the injuries and how they occurred are the focal point of a personal injury claim. For this reason the victim should contact the Best Law Office.

Building a Claim

Personal injury cases require a substantial claim that will prove fault without doubt. The evidence presented in the claim must be ironclad and prevent the opposition from swaying the judge into their favor. Your attorney must provide a volume of creditable evidence that begins the story of the accident and ends with adequate proof that the accused caused the injuries. In court, the judge has the final say over whether the victim receives compensation. It is up to your attorney to convince this judge that you deserve it based on your injuries.

Local Attorneys

Neifert, Byrne and Ozga Attorneys at Law provide services in worker’s compensation and other personal injury law. These events consist of work-related injuries, automobile accidents, premises-based accidents, and product’s liabilities. These attorneys will fight for your right as a victim for compensation. They offer free consultations to discuss your case and establish that you do have a viable claim against your opposition. To schedule a consultation.


Your Des Moines Lawyer offers you the opportunity to hold those who caused your injuries accountable. This attorney will review your case and determine why the responsible party has not paid you the compensation you deserve. He or she will begin the process needed to establish guilt and build up a credible claim to support this fact. By contacting the Neifert, Byrne, and Ozga Law Firm, you are creating the opportunity to acquire compensation and force the individual who caused your injuries to face justice. To learn more about personal injuries and compensation.


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