Do I Need a Divorce Attorney in Hollywood, FL for My Divorce Case?

Not all divorces are mutually agreeable splits and often times there is a lot that has to be negotiated, debated, and agreed upon. Whether or not you need a divorce attorney in Hollywood, FL to help with your case will depend on how involved your divorce is. Here are some factors to consider:

Is Custody of a Child Involved?

If you have a divorce hearing that involved minor children or where custody is up for debate, it is advisable to have a divorce attorney working with you. Their skills and experience can help you present your best case to the judge and can help you win custody of your children.

Are There Mutual Savings That Need to Be Divided Up?

With some divorces, there are mutual savings that both the husband and wife have paid into. These savings would have to be divided up and there can be some debate as to who should get what amount. If there is a debate about who has a claim to savings, an attorney can help clear things up.

Is Property Being Contested by Either Party?

You should work with a divorce attorney in Hollywood, FL if you or your soon to be ex have shared the property that must be dealt with. Property such as your home, vehicles and other similar assets will need to be divvied up during the process of the divorce and this can be difficult to do alone.

What Shared Debt is There?

One thing many couples do not think about when they go for a divorce is how debts will be handled. Shared debt for things like homes and vehicles that are in both parties’ names needs to be addressed during the divorce proceedings. An attorney can help explains all the legal aspects involved.

If you have questions about your upcoming divorce or have questions about whether a divorce attorney in Hollywood, FL is right for you, visit the website today!

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