Do You Really Need A Lawyer To Settle A Lemon Law Claim?

by | Jan 22, 2015 | Attorney

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iowa-bankruptcylaw.comMany people who are stuck with a lemon car think they can get satisfaction on their own, perhaps they can but the chances are far better when you have an attorney that can effectively answer the question “what are lemon laws?” Without an in-depth understanding of the lemon laws in your state you can easily end up dissatisfied, receiving considerably less in compensation than you deserve. Understand that lemon law layers do this work day in and day out, after all there are around 150,000 cars classified as lemons every year; the fact is, you don’t work in this field, they do.

With the lemon laws being what they are it is not hard to become confused, you won’t know where to go to get help or what to do if you do find it and chances are you don’t know what your rights are. There is an old adage that holds very true in lemon law cases; a person who represents himself has a fool for a client. When you don’t know the answer to “what are lemon laws?” then the fastest and cheapest way to get satisfaction is to hire a lemon law layer.

What if you can’t afford the luxury of hiring a lawyer?

Of course legal assistance costs money and it is only reasonable to wonder how you will cover these costs. Don’t worry; you will not have to pay up front. Although there are differences in lemon laws state on state the one thing that is common is that the vehicle manufacturer is responsible for paying your legal expenses, not you. The lawyers that do lemon law work keep close tabs on all the time spent and expenses made on your behalf, once the court has found that the vehicle is truly a lemon and awards you either a new car or the return of your money the lawyer bills the car manufacturer. If the manufacturer should balk and refuse to pay they ask the court to make them pay. This is only fair; you did not have anything to do with building the lemon so why should compensation for the manufacturer’s problem be your burden?

When you are face with a lemon law issue you need to find an attorney who is seasoned in this area of law, it is complex and only a lawyer that is competent in the lemon laws that apply to where you live can do you justice. The objective that both you and your lawyer have is to settle the case and rid you of the vehicle as quickly as possible. Go to Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center for more.

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