Experienced Personal Injury Syracuse Attorneys Discuss the Different Reasons for Compensation Claims

by | Jan 30, 2013 | Attorney

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The types of personal injury compensation available can depend on a number of factors. Typically, these include the circumstances surrounding the injury, the type of case and local laws. As a general rule, compensation claims include reimbursement for medical expenses, physical therapy, loss of wages and pain and suffering. In situations where the victim is permanently disabled and requires lifelong care or adaptive devices, the awards can be substantial. The role of a personal injury Syracuse lawyer is to help victims receive compensation stemming from negligence.

Lost Wages or Income
Compensation for lost income or wages is an important part of the damage award in a personal injury case. In many situations, the accident victim is unable to continue conducting business as usual due to their injury. If a plaintiff is forced to take sick leave or is disabled for a long period of time, they should be accordingly compensated. In more severe cases that involve permanent immobility, the claimant will attempt to recover income that they would be expected to earn throughout their lifetime.

Emotional Distress and Suffering
Sometimes accidents have an emotional impact on the applicant, particularly for significant injuries. It’s not unusual for a jury to award a large damage amount for suffering and pain. The insurance provider usually employs a pain multiplier to determine a reasonable and fair compensatory settlement. This involves multiplying the actual financial loss with a number the insurer deems as appropriate.

Wrongful Death Awards
This type of litigation is usually brought on by family members of the deceased victim. A wrongful death negligence lawsuit is often very complex and time consuming. The goal of this type of litigation is to present evidence that the survivors have suffered financially as well as through loss of companionship. Additionally, compensation is also sought for medical and funeral expenses. Because of the varying rules in each location, it’s recommended to work with an attorney who has experience working with wrongful death cases.

Consider Fee Requirements
When seeking the services of a personal injury Syracuse lawyer, you may be offered several payment options. Some clients prefer an upfront payment arrangement. However, the majority of injury attorneys work on a contingency basis. Quite often, a contingency agreement is more beneficial to all parties. The client isn’t faced with out-of-pocket expenses. Conversely, the lawyer receives a large portion of the settlement or award if they are successful. This means they have more invested in your injury claim.


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