Filing A Bankruptcy Claim To Achieve Debt Relief In Prince Georges County, MD

by | Oct 31, 2013 | Lawyer

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The Law Office of Laura Marguiles and Associates present you with Debt Relief in Prince Georges County, MD. These attorneys understand how detrimental harassing collection calls are and can assist you in prevent further attempts. They can prevent garnishments and seizes of your property by providing you the option to file for bankruptcy. If you need a long-term debt-relief option, you should contact this law firm for further details.

Re-organization of Debts

Through a bankruptcy claim, you have the chance to include your debts into one payment option. This option allows a judge to specify the amount you will pay each month and the duration of time allowed. By choosing this option you are making one payment and eliminating your debts over time.

Assistance with Collection Agencies

Debts that are charged off or sold to collection agencies may incur additional charges. For instance, collection agencies are paid based upon the commission earned for securing a repayment of the debt. Due to this concept, the debt is increased to afford these agents this commission. Your attorney can negotiate with these agencies to achieve a lower settlement amount. He or she will document this settlement and include it in your claim.

Discharged Debts

Your preferred attorney can evaluate your debts to determine, which are eligible for discharge. In most cases, credit card debts are among the most likely debts that are discharged in court. However, if these accounts or others that you possess are government-based it is unlikely that they will become discharged. You should discuss these options with your preferred attorney to determine which options are the most effective for you in these matters.


Bankruptcy is a long-term Debt Relief in Prince Georges County, MD option. This choice allows you to pay off debts over time. It is possible to include most, if not all, of your debts into this claim. In some cases, a judge will discharge a portion of your debts. Typically, these debts include credit card debts and similar accounts. Your preferred bankruptcy attorney discusses these options with you to ensure that you meet your financial needs and seek long-lasting debt relief.

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