Find a Great Bankruptcy Attorney in Detroit

by | Mar 26, 2013 | Attorney

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Are you stressed out and worrying over the filing of bankruptcy paperwork? Filing for bankruptcy can be hard and stressful. You’re not expected to know what to do in this situation. Get help! Find a bankruptcy attorney in Detroit who has the experience and know-how to get everything done the right way. Not only will your bankruptcy filing and proceedings go more smoothly, you’ll have less stress and worry over throughout the process.

Filing for bankruptcy can be long and tedious experience. At first you’ll have to figure out what type of bankruptcy you can file for. There are different kinds of bankruptcy, and a bankruptcy attorney can help you to determine which type is appropriate for you. There is personal bankruptcy, joint bankruptcy, when you and your spouse file together, and then there is bankruptcy for a business. Anyone can file for bankruptcy, but not everyone qualifies for bankruptcy. And not everyone will get the outcome they expected. Here in Detroit, each bankruptcy filing can be unique.

Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Most bankruptcy attorneys in Detroit are well versed in both chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcies. The qualifications and results of each type of bankruptcy will be different, and that means that you’ll need to be certain you’re filing for the right chapter. Naturally, hiring a bankruptcy attorney will make the process much easier and everything will proceed more quickly. You’ll describe your situation to the lawyer, and they will immediately know whether or not you qualify for one or the other type of bankruptcy. Then you can move forward and start filing the paperwork.

Experience is Vital to Success

The most important thing about any bankruptcy attorney you consider in Detroit is their level of experience. How long have they been practicing law? Are they only working in bankruptcy or do they have other legal fields that they work in? How many cases have they worked on specifically in bankruptcy court? The more experience, the better. Each time they go to court for a client, a bankruptcy attorney will learn new things and become better prepared. You want to know that your attorney is as prepared as possible.

Some people think hiring a bankruptcy attorney is an embarrassing point in their lives. But for many people, filing for bankruptcy is their best and only choice. This does not have to be an embarrassing moment in your life. This is your chance to start over.


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