Finding Restitution After Medical Malpractice Occurs

Finding Restitution After Medical Malpractice Occurs

Every year there are a number of medical malpractice suits that are filed against hospitals, staff, and physicians who neglect their patients. In fact, there are nearly 19,000 medical malpractice law suits that are filed against doctors each year. It is also reported that some 195,000 individuals are killed in the United States as a result of malpractice. When a life is entrusted to the medical staff within a hospital or doctor’s office and it ends because of medical errors and negligence there are legal ramifications that can help. Filing a suit may prevent the individuals responsible in the death of your loved one from practicing again—an action that may save another life. You may also be granted a monetary award to help you recover from your loss and start rebuilding your life. If you have lost a loved one because of a medical error, a malpractice attorney in St. Petersburg FL can help.

When a person is ill or wounded and he enters a hospital or clinic for help he is entrusting his life into the skilled hands of medical providers. Unfortunately, there are a staggering number of cases in the United States where unsuspecting patients are injured and even die because the medical staff does not treat them appropriately. When this occurs, a malpractice attorney in St. Petersburg FL can help you piece your life back together again. There may be a delay in arriving at a diagnosis which results in the progression of a disease that cannot be reversed. Not finding cancer in a timely way, for instance, can allow it to metastasize and infiltrate other tissues in the body. This living, growing cancer can oftentimes be untreatable if it is aggressive and it can spread rapidly. In a matter of months a person could die all because the physician missed his window of opportunity to diagnose and treat a disease. A quick diagnosis could have resulted in life saving cancer treatments, providing the patient with years of quality living with family and loved ones.

A malpractice attorney in St. Petersburg can represent you and your loved ones in a suit against a hospital, the staff, and physicians. An injury or death that occurs as a result of negligence can always be avoided. When you entrust your life or the life of a loved one into the hands of a medical team you would expect them to take every precaution to avoid mistakes. The reality is that they happen but you don’t have to live with them.

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