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As stressful as divorce can be on the parents, it can be much worse on the children. Many are already traumatized from years of watching and listening to their parents. The children are still in the middle and all too frequently believe that the divorce is somehow their fault. The parents haven’t agreed on much for a long time, and now they can’t agree on custody.

The needs of the children have to come first, but if the needs of the parents cannot also be accommodated, there will be continuing legal wrangling. That is not in anyone’s best interests. A stable, workable agreement will give everyone much-needed healing time. A vicious, ‘scorched earth’ child custody battle is the worst thing that could happen to the children. A strong, patient lawyer is needed who will persevere until the best agreement possible has been agreed to by all parties.

Each case is unique, and the best solution will be unique to that family. This solution will permit the parents to work together in the best interests of the children in the future. They are divorced, but will always be the children’s parents; a workable child custody agreement will honor both parental relationships. An experienced and patient Child Custody Lawyer in Chicago realizes that this fractured family needs to take a deep breath and know that things will be OK in the end. No legal issue is more personal than child custody. The right attorney realizes the tremendous responsibility he has to improve a broken situation.

Divorce Lawyers Chicago understands and wants to help the people of Carroll County. His people have been in Carroll County since the 1840s and he currently lives there with his family. He graduated from Georgia State University, receiving an Associate of Science in 1977 and a Bachelor of Arts in 1981. In 1992, he was granted his Juris Doctor from Atlanta Law School. From 1982 to 1989, Mr. Barnes was the Deputy Clerk of the DeKalb County Magistrate Court and then presided as an Associate Magistrate Judge until 1992 in Carroll County. Anyone needing an experienced and compassionate Child Custody Lawyer in Chicago should consider contacting Divorce Lawyers Chicago and his professional team.

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