For Those Who Need a Bail Bondsman in Milford, CT

Getting arrested is not at the top of anybody’s list, and even worse is the prospect of being thrown in jail. Fortunately, the courts have a process that allows the defendant to get out of jail until the time of the court case, known as posting bail. A bail bondsman in Milford, CT helps those defendants who cannot afford the amount of the bail requested by the judge. Here are some things defendants should keep in mind regarding the bail bond process in Connecticut.

The Bail Bond Process in Connecticut

Once a person has been arrested and taken to the police headquarters, the police may arrange a jail bond, which if the defendant cannot pay, a judge will set the final bail. When the defendant cannot afford this full bail amount, a bail bond agency can be called upon to provide the financial assistance needed for the defendant to get out of jail. For a premium, typically 10 percent, the bail bond agency promises to the court to be responsible for the full bail amount of the defendant.

More About the Bail Bond Process in Connecticut

The bail bond agency wants to be sure that it will get the money to cover any losses that might be incurred, for example, if the defendant decided to jump bail and get out of town. To ensure this, the bail bond agency will require some form of collateral to cover the remaining amount of the full bail, such as a house, a boat, or expensive jewelry. The property is intact as long as the defendant does what is necessary and shows up to the court for the case disposition.

A Bail Bondsman in Connecticut

A person who needs a bail bondsman in Connecticut can ask a reliable friend or family member to go online and do some research. Aces Bail Bonds is a bail bond agency in the Milford, Connecticut that helps clients in need of bail services. If anyone needs to talk to a bail bondsman in Milford, CT, this agency is available. Visit Aces Bail Bonds today.

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