Getting a Divorce Lawyer in Frederick to Fight for You

One of the hardest things for a couple to do is to go through the process of a divorce, which can often be vicious and costly. However, if divorce is the only option, each person needs to do whatever is necessary to secure adequate legal representation, especially if the divorce is contested. A divorce lawyer in Frederick helps clients going through divorces and wants them to know what they are up against. Here is a look at how divorces are handled in Maryland.

Divorce Law in Maryland

When people opt for divorce in Maryland, there are two types that are allowed: absolute divorces and limited divorces, also known as legal separations. In the first type of divorce, the end result is permanent, and the grounds for such action must be met for the divorce to be granted to the parties. Examples of reasons for absolute divorces include, but are not limited to a one-year separation, adultery, cruel treatment, desertion, insanity on the part of at least one of the parties, incarceration, and mutual agreement.

More About Divorce Law in Maryland

The limited divorce still binds the married couple although they are living apart, meaning they cannot have sexual contact with others or get remarried. The basis for such an arrangement includes desertion, cruel treatment of the spouse, and behavior that is particularly violent towards the spouse. In some cases, a judge may stipulate this type of arrangement even when the two people are seeking an absolute divorce. The parties seeking the divorce must hire an attorney who can best represent their interests in a court of law.

An Attorney for Divorce Issues in Maryland

Many attorneys and law firms practice divorce law and family law to help people involved in domestic disputes or are seeking a divorce. In Maryland, Russell & Heffner LLC is a law firm that practices divorce law in the Frederick area and the surrounding communities. Anyone seeking a divorce lawyer in Frederick can contact this law firm. For more information, visit the website and go to where directed to “click here.”

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