Getting An Auto Accident Attorney In Tulsa

by | Sep 3, 2014 | Attorney

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There is this idea that an auto accident has to be dramatic for a person to be injured in it. It’s as if for an injury to occur you would have to roll over after being hit on the side of your bumper, or be t-boned by a car that is going through a stop sign at sixty miles per hour to be injured. While those type of accidents do occur, and they do lead to serious injuries, the truth is that a lot of “smaller accidents” can lead to injuries as well. All you really need in an accident to be injured is some type of impact. If someone rear ends you and your neck goes forward and then backwards quickly, you have whiplash. If your back is jolted the wrong way, you have a chiropractic issue. Not all injuries are dramatic, but they can be debilitating. This is why when you are in an accident and you are injures, you want to make sure that you get an auto accident attorney in Tulsa to help you out.

The important thing to remember after an accident is that your insurance company is not always going to be there for you when you need them. While you would like them to go “all out” and give you a check within a week of your accident for your car and your medical expenses, they typically take longer. Sometimes they even like to challenge the police report and your story and try not to pay you at all. This is where your accident attorney is going to be able to help you out.

Whether you decide to go after the other driver who caused the accident, it is important to have an Auto Accident Attorney in Tulsa just to deal with your insurance company. You would be shocked at how much your insurance company is going to challenge you after an accident, and how much help the presence of a lawyer is going to be. When you are looking for an Auto Accident Attorney that is going to be able to help you out in the situation, you want to consider what Donald E. Cummings & Associates can do for you. You can find more info on what they offer at




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