Getting Quick Bail Bonds in Glendale With Guarantors & Indemnitors

Posting bail when funds are limited seems impossible, but it’s not. Even if defendants have a criminal history and no job, they can still get quick bail bonds in Glendale with the help of guarantors and indemnitors. Here’s how.

Bail Bond Guarantors

A bail bond guarantor is a third party who assumes the responsibility of ensuring the defendant attends their court dates. Since the bond agent posts a bail bond to the court on the defendant’s behalf, the agent forfeits the bond and must pay bail in full if the defendant skips trial proceedings. Having a guarantor, especially if the defendant has priors and a high bail, can help expedite the bail bond process.

Bail Bond Indemnitors

Limited funds are the main reason defendants purchase bail bonds. The bail bond cost is 10 percent of total bail, but what if the defendant doesn’t even have enough to cover that?

An Indemnitor, aka co-signer, is a gainfully employed third party who agrees to pay the full bail amount if the defendant flees. The Indemnitor and the defendant are also welcome to pool resources and pay for the bail bond with cash, credit cards, cashier checks, and electronic bank transfers. Some agents even accept PayPal.

Paying with credit cards presents an advantage. Credit cards let the payer put the full cost of quick bail bonds in Glendale on a card and then pay the amount down overtime at their convenience.

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