Handling a Domestic Violence Charge: Hire Legal Help

by | May 27, 2021 | Attorney

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Being charged with a legal offense isn’t anyone’s idea of fun. But if you’ve been charged with domestic abuse, that could impact your reputation and work, not to mention other aspects of your life. Find a way to make things right. Here’s what you can do to protect yourself.

Seek Out Legal Help

First, you need a domestic violence attorney in Austin to help you. Find someone with experience in actually defending domestic violence cases instead of hiring a general practitioner. Specialization matters. Working on the same cases over the years already makes them familiar with the nuances of the case that they can easily spot details that could overturn a case.

Be Honest with Your Lawyer

When you hire a lawyer, make sure you tell everything you know about the incident. Don’t hold back. It’ll backfire on you. Wanting to keep some information secret from your lawyer could give the prosecution exactly what it needs to trip you up. Keep in mind that you and your lawyer are a team. If you hold back information, you’re not helping your lawyer craft the perfect defense strategy in court for you.

Observe the Communication Style

Are you comfortable with your lawyer? Can you talk about the incident with ease? That’s a huge factor, too. If you don’t feel like your lawyer believes you, or dismisses your fears or just talks over your concerns, then that’s not a good fit. Find someone else, someone who listens to you and factors what you need in crafting that defense strategy.

Talk About the Fees

Choose an attorney that can work with your budget. Know what you can afford. Be upfront about that amount. Some lawyers require a monthly retainer and others just charge by the hour. Some by the project. Decide on which one suits you.

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