Hiring An Effective Naturalization Attorney In Cincinnati, OH

by | Oct 10, 2013 | Lawyer

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Attorneys who practice in this law field also protect your rights based on deportation laws. This includes enabling you to secure an updated visa and to file for a green card once the requirements are fulfilled. Your selected attorney will assist you in these ventures and help you become a legal citizen of this country.

Avoiding Deportation

A naturalization or immigration attorney can file for an extension for your education, leisure, or work-based visa to enable you to file the necessary paperwork to become a naturalization citizen. It is through these measures that your selected attorney may enable you to stay within the country and avoid the deportation process. However, this does not guarantee that you will not get deported. It applies to measures that your selected attorney can take to provide you with the opportunity to become a legal citizen. You must fulfill the requirements that are listed within USCIS guidelines, before you can acquire a green card.

Acquiring a Green Card

Your attorney can guide you through the process for filing an application to acquire a green card. It is necessary that you set up residency within the United States through a legal visa before you are eligible for a green card. It is imperative that you maintain a residence within the country for a period of at least five years to fulfill this requirement. You should also refrain from becoming involved in any illegal activities as this may guarantee sudden and unexplained deportation. You must abide by the laws of the country and learn about its history in order to complete the naturalization process.


For some visitors from other countries becoming a legal citizen of the United States is a dream come true. However, the laws that govern this process require that you follow specific guidelines in order to become a citizen. Your selected attorney will assist you in this process by ensuring that you complete all of the requirements listed within the immigration regulations set forth by USCIS. If you wish to become a naturalized citizen you should contact an immigration attorney immediately.

A Naturalization Attorney in Cincinnati, OH will assist you in the naturalization process. To know more, contact Bell Law Office.



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