How Bankruptcy Attorneys Horak & Boyd PLLC in Portland Can Help You

by | Jul 19, 2013 | Attorney, Bankruptcy Law

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The bankruptcy attorneys Horak & Boyd PLLC Portland provide information related to starting a bankruptcy claim. Through bankruptcy, the client is seeking debt relief that will allow them to cease collection calls and provide them with an option to secure their assets. Horak and Boyd could provide counsel to enable you to find debt-relief solutions based on bankruptcy laws in Washington.

Comprehension of Bankruptcy

A bankruptcy attorney discovered the terms of each form of bankruptcy through college courses taken in law school. Within the courses, he or she learned which forms allow for reorganization of debt and which options require the liquidation of assets. It is through these courses that he or she received full comprehension of how these options may affect a client in legal proceedings. It is through this understanding that a bankruptcy lawyer may advise clients within these cases.

Evaluation of Assets

Through an evaluation of your assets, a bankruptcy lawyer may find options where liquidation or chapter 7 is most beneficial to you. This option allows you to liquidate a portion of your assets to pay off debts. A bankruptcy lawyer who advises you to use this option will additionally discover procedures that allow you to secure the assets you do not wish to liquidate such as your primary residence and automobiles.


Chapter 13 provides you with the option to reorganize your debts. You have several options within this form of bankruptcy, which allow you to secure assets and pay your debts within an organized schedule. The drawback which you will learn from your preferred bankruptcy lawyer is that you cannot purchase anything based on credit while you are involved in a chapter 13 bankruptcy. You can, however, stop collection calls and increases within debts placed within the bankruptcy.

Seeking Advice

You may acquire information related to debt relief through bankruptcy attorneys Horah & Boyd PLLC Portland. The lawyers practice within bankruptcy law and may provide you with counsel to determine which options are right for you. If you would like to speak to the lawyers within this firm regarding bankruptcy, you may contact them directly by phone or visit their website.



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