How Do I Update a Restraining Order?

Similar to many other court orders, a restraining order usually comes with some sort of expiration date. Due to this, you will no longer be protected against the person who concerns you after this date has passed. For those readers out there who have a restraining order that is closely reaching its expiration date, but who are still concerned for their safety, you will need to renew the order.

Before you let yourself wait too long, it is important to remember that you must request a renewal on your restraining order before the expiration date is reached. If you fail to do this, you will have to request a brand new restraining order against the same individual. Due to the complicated process behind this approach, a renewal is much more likely to gain you the protection you need.

When seeking a renewal, you should first read “How Do I Ask the Court to Renew My Restraining Order?” (Form DV-700-INFO), as it will give you a good insight into the process. After this, you will need to fill out and file three different important forms:

*    “Request to Renew Restraining Order” (Form DV-700)
*     A Copy of Your Current “Restraining Order After Hearing (Order of Protection)” (Form DV-130)
*   “Notice of Hearing to Renew Restraining Order” (Form DV-710)

A talented family law attorney will be able to help you navigate the somewhat complicated renewal process described in Form DV-700-INFO. With their guidance and experience, you should be able to make it through the process in as timely a manner as possible. However, it is always important to be patient, as filing the forms in the way most likely to gain you an approved renewal may take some time.

If you are experiencing doubts that the individual you filed a restraining order against will continue to leave you alone after the order’s expiration date, you must not hesitate to renew as soon as possible. At Jeff Buskirk & Associates, we dedicate ourselves to helping clients remain safe and secure in their day-to-day lives. For quality family law services in Grove City, go no further than our offices. To set up a free consultation with our team, please contact us at your convenience. We look forward to helping you gain the peace of mind you deserve.

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