How Does a Lawyer Help with Arrests in Ocean City, MD?

When someone is arrested under suspicion of committing a crime, they have certain rights afforded to them under the law. Even if the defendant is guilty of the crime, this does not negate their rights. Unfortunately, many individuals are not aware of their rights during arrests in Ocean City, MD. Thankfully, defendants have the right to seek help from a lawyer.

Understanding the Rights Defendants Have

The Miranda Rights were put in place in 1966. These rights must be read by the arresting officer so the individual knows their rights and can protect them. Unfortunately, many individuals do not pay attention to their rights as they are being read to them. They inadvertently allow their rights to be infringed upon because they are ignorant of them and the laws that govern them.

There are also rights that are granted to defendants via the United States Constitution. Hiring a lawyer helps ensure these rights are protected during arrests in Ocean City, MD. The following are some of the rights a defendant holds once they have been arrested.

* Right against unreasonable search and seizure

* Right to remain silent

* Right against double jeopardy

* Right to have a lawyer represent them

* Right to a speedy trial

* Right to a public jury

* Right to confront witnesses

* Right to reasonable bail

* Right not to be subjected to cruel and unusual punishment

Legal representation is a must when a person has been charged with a crime. A lawyer will work to protect the rights of their client through the entire process, from the arrest to the end of the trial and beyond.

How Can a Lawyer Help?

Although lawyers cannot guarantee any type of outcome for their client, they protect their client’s rights and work towards the most favorable outcome. If a favorable outcome is not achieved, the lawyer will prepare the paperwork for an appeal and will work to get their client a new trial.

If you have been charged with a crime, it is your right to hire an Ocean City Lawyer. Call today so you can schedule an appointment to get the legal help you need.

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