How is the Bail Process Different With a Bond?

After a person has been arrested, they’ll be given a bail amount that can be paid in full to secure their release. Once the bail is paid, they can leave the jail until their hearings are completed. However, many times, the arrested person is not able to afford the full bail amount. In these cases, the Bail Process will include obtaining a bail bond to help the person cover the cost of the bail.

The Expense of Bail

Many charges include a preset bail amount. In these cases, the person is given the bail amount they’ll need to pay as soon as they’re processed into the jail. If there is not a preset amount, they will need to attend a bail hearing. This is typically done as quickly as possible after the arrest. At this hearing, a judge will determine if they can be released on bail and, if so, how much they’ll need to pay to be released. The bail will typically depend on their flight risk, prior criminal history, and the current charge.

Help Obtaining Bail

If the arrested person needs to attend a hearing to obtain bail, they might want to ensure they have help. With the right help, they can make sure their bail is not too high for the charges they’re facing. If there’s a possibility of being denied bail, they’ll want to make sure they have help to have a better chance of being given a bail amount so they can be released from jail pending their hearings.

Obtaining a Bond

Once the person knows what their bail is, they’ll need to decide if they want to pay it in full on their own. If they cannot afford the full amount, a bondsman might be able to help them secure a bond. They’ll discuss the bond process with the bondsman to make sure this is a good option for their situation. Then, they can obtain the bond and the bondsman will pay the bail for them.

If you have been arrested and cannot afford the bail, talk to a bail bondsman about the Bail Process and how they can help you obtain a bond today. Visit now to learn more about paying bail and what you need to know before a bail hearing. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.

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