How To Get Help From Social Security Disability Lawyers In San Francisco, CA

When you become disabled and are no longer able to work, you may not be aware of your rights. You have the right to file for disability and receive monthly benefits from social security. You also have the right to hire Social Security Disability lawyers in San Francisco, CA to help you file and protect your rights. By hiring a lawyer, you can rest assured your paperwork is filled out correctly. In the event you are denied benefits, the lawyer will be able to assist you in filing an appeal. This can help to set your mind at ease and make the process less stressful for you.

What Can You Expect in Filing for Disability?

When you file for disability, you will need to make sure you have two medical doctors to declare in writing you are disabled. It is imperative you have this medical backing to prove you are disabled. You will need to sign a medical release so your social security disability lawyers in San Francisco, CA can obtain all of your medical records, in case you are not approved. In the event of a denial, your case will go to court, where it will be up to the judge to make a decision in your case. This is where having plenty of medical backing will be beneficial in getting an approval.

The process for filing for disability is sometimes a long one. This is because the court systems are often bombarded with disability cases and there can be a waiting period for you to have your hearing. The good news is, once you are approved, you will receive a lump sum payment from the moment you first filed to the present. This payment will cover your lawyer’s fees first and then the remainder will be yours. After this lump sum payment, you will begin receiving your regular monthly benefit payments.

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