How To Get Workers Compensation In Riverhead, NY

How To Get Workers Compensation In Riverhead, NY


Get Workers Compensation In Riverhead, NY when you are injured on the job. This insurance is a requirement for all employees to cover medical costs for these injuries. At any time that an employee is injured while performing his or her job tasks, the employer must send the employee to an emergency room or urgent care facility immediately. A claim is produced based on the findings of the doctor during treatment and evaluation. Once completed, the employee files the claim with the insurance provider.

Workers Compensation Claims

To file a workers compensation claim, you must first visit the human resources department. The employees within this department provide you with a form that must be completed by the emergency room or urgent care doctor who provides treatment for your injuries. Once you return this form to the human resources department, they submit it for approval to the employer’s insurance company.

The claims adjuster for the insurance carrier conducts research into how the injuries occurred and determines the nature of the injuries. After this claim is reviewed, a decision is made. All initial treatment for these injuries are covered under this policy. However, if the insurance carrier denies these benefits, the employee does not receive any portion of their wages if they do not arrive on the job site. When this occurs it is necessary to file a claim through an attorney.

Local Workers Compensation Lawyer

Gilbert, Blaszcyk and Milburn provide legal assistance for anyone injured on the job or through other means in which you are not at fault. Through litigation you may file a claim against the individual or party that caused your injuries. This includes denied workers compensation claims. These attorneys are aware of the legal requirements for workers compensation eligibility. To schedule an appointment with these attorneys contact them at the number listed on their website at


Get Workers Compensation In Riverhead, NY by filing a claim through your employer. Initially, it is necessary to file this claim through your employer after you receiving medical attention for your injuries. The doctor at the emergency room or urgent care facility will complete the paperwork for this claim. However, it is ultimately up to the insurance carrier as to whether the injuries deem the employee eligible for these benefits. At any time that you are denied these benefits you should contact your attorney immediately.



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