How to Handle Your First Meeting with a Criminal Law Attorney in Marion IA

Being charged with a crime, questioned about a crime, or associated with a crime in any way can have serious consequences on your personal and professional lives. Simply being associated with a crime can seriously damage your professional reputation. Actually being convicted of a serious crime can mean decades of prison time, heavy fines, community service, and loss of assets. To help you navigate the legal system, it’s necessary to call a Criminal Law Attorney in Marion IA when you are in any of these situations. Use the following guidelines to help you with an initial visit.

Since law offices are typically places of tradition, approach your initial meeting like a business appointment. When possible, wear conservative clothing. You don’t have to purchase new clothing. However, avoid wearing tattered, outlandish clothing. This can offend the lawyer before you even start talking to him. Use your manners. Let the lawyer lead the meeting. He will probably want to get to know you at first. If he asks you questions of a personal nature, don’t feel offended. Your lawyer will need these details to decide if he wants to have you as a client.

Answer all questions completely and honestly. Since your meeting will be guided by the attorney-client privilege, you don’t have to worry about your information being known by others. It’s helpful to write down all relevant information ahead of time. This will enable you to concisely relate it to the lawyer. The Criminal Law Attorney in Marion IA may have to speak to his associates before he decides to represent you. Don’t be offended. In fact, this action is preferable to being turned down right away. The lawyer may have to decide whether he can offer you a good defense. If the lawyer starts to educate you on the legal process, you will go through, it’s likely he has decided to be your lawyer.

You don’t have to sacrifice your life just because you have been associated with a crime. You have a right to defend yourself as defined by the United States Constitution. For more information on criminal defense services, visit This practice can handle many types of criminal cases including murder, rape, burglary, and driving while intoxicated.

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