How to Use the Services of a Bail Bondsman in Pontiac

We all realize that our system of justice isn’t perfect; police officers, judges, and prosecutors are only human and as prone to making mistakes as any of us. If you have found yourself arrested and arraigned and bail has been set, your job now is to put together a good defense to the charges. The problem is that doing that is almost impossible from inside a jail cell, so you will need a Bail Bondsman in Pontiac to work with you to obtain your release.

The process begins with you contacting a reputable, experienced, bail bond agency. You should be able to speak with one at any hour of the day or night to arrange an initial meeting. During this meeting, the bondsman will gather information on your current situation and any prior brushes with the law you may have had. He will also obtain some basic personal information which will stay confidential unless you give specific permission for them to share it with a third party.

Once that has taken place, you sign the agreement to pay a percentage of the bond fee or premium and you agree to show up for all legally-required court appearances. The bail bondsman will handle the balance of the required amount. One item that sometimes gets overlooked is the fact that, if you use collateral to pay the premium, it will not be released until a verdict has been reached in your case.

If it is a friend or a loved one who is in need of the bail bond and you want to give them a hand, that is also allowed. The only difference is that you will be a co-signer on the bail agreement, you will need to provide payment of the premium, and you will need to be responsible for making sure that they show up for their court appearances.

A reliable, professional bail bondsman can be a real asset. He will treat you with the courtesy and respect that you deserve. Since they have so much experience with the process, he will also understand that this is a very stressful time in your life and will try to relieve some of that stress by working with you to make financial arrangements that are mutually acceptable.

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