Importance of Drug Attorney Cleveland

by | Jun 19, 2012 | Attorney

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Different states have different laws regarding drugs and it is essential that you understand these laws when you are being accused of any case concerning drugs. Any case dealing with drugs can get you severe penalties such as hefty fines and long jail terms.

Getting the best drug attorney Cleveland should be one of the first things that you do because of the severity of drug cases. Your lawyer should be experienced in this field in order to spot any loopholes that might be available for you to be able to come out of a court unscathed. The most common crime that involves drugs is drug possession. This mainly involves you being caught with any illegal drug in your possession.

Drug cases are difficult for most lawyers to fight in court mainly because most of the time the prosecutor will have enough evidence making it almost impossible to get exoneration. To be able to fight such cases successfully then you need an experienced drug attorney Cleveland. Possession of drugs is considered minor crime compared to drug trafficking that is more serious.
Whether you are being charged for simple possession or for trafficking, you should seek an excellent lawyer who will fight for you in court and ensure that you win. When you are talking about drug crimes in Cleveland there are several things that are considered when the verdict is rendered that determines your penalty and some of the things that considered include:

  • The type of crime- the penalty is dependent on whether you are being charged for trafficking or possession. The former attracts severe penalties than the former therefore you should be prepared for the fight of your life if you are accused of drug trafficking. The possession charges can be divided into different categories, depending on the amount of drugs that you were found carrying. The type of drug that you are found in possession of is also vital. For example possession of marijuana does not get you a severe penalty like possession of heroin.
  • The other thing that the court will keenly look at is whether you are first time offenders. First time offender will often be left off mildly with a warning and a fine but if you are a consistent offender they will not be too kind.

The assumption that most people have is that it is virtually impossible to fight a drug case successfully and will always think of entering a plea bargain with the prosecution as soon as it is offered. If you have the right lawyer you can fight in court successfully and you should therefore focus on getting the best lawyer to represent you in a drug case. You should avoid making any deals without a lawyer if you want a fighting chance.

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