In Trouble With the Law in Bartow County, Call Bail Bond in Bartow County GA

Whether you are a native of Bartow County or of nearby counties, or even nearby states, if the unspeakable happens and you find yourself in trouble with the law in Bartow County GA, you need not face these issues alone. You do not have to sit in jail alone. There is immediate hope for you to get out and get back home to your family. Bail Bond Bartow County GA is available 24/7 to take calls from you or your family.

Let’s say the unspeakable happens. The phone rings at 10:00 pm, it is your son who says that he had gone to help a friend of his work on a pick up truck. The friend asked him to bring his tool box. They had made a “quick stop.” While your son sat in the car and waited, the friend got arrested for stealing a catalytic converter. Even though your son had nothing to do with the theft, it was his tools that were being used, so he was arrested as well for a “criminal tools” charge. He needs $2000 to get out of jail because he has a record. You, his parent, do not have that kind of money. You place a call to Bail Bondsman Bartow County GA. You fear that you will be needing to make a trip to Bartow County, but you are reassured that because of the distance, they take your information over the phone, then they get the money to the jail and your son is released later that morning.

Sadly, the responsibility will now be yours to make sure that all of the rules of being bonded out of jail will fall on you as well as your son. The Bailbonds Bartow County GA was able to work out a fair and reasonable payment plan with you to get that money repayed. You trust that your son will repay you, but you just cannot be sure. You want to help your son very much. After all, he is your son. But things have not been going very well with he and his wife. They are on the verge of divorce. You keep your fingers crossed that you will get your money back from him. More importantly, you hope that he does show up for his court date. Sometimes, it is very hard to tell with some of the younger generation. You just have to hope.

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