Las Vegas Dog Bite Attorneys – When To Sue Over A Dog Bite

by | Apr 18, 2013 | Lawyer

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If you have recently suffered from a serious dog bite injury, and it has been infected then you have grounds to file for a lawsuit. You can file a claim against the owner of the dog, and seek compensation for the damages which include medical costs, missing work, and various other expenses.

Dog Bite Cases Have Liabilities

If you were the victim of a dog bite infection, then your lawsuit will come under the category of “personal injury lawsuit”. In order for you to win your lawsuit, you need to provide evidence that the dog owner is liable for all of your injuries. If you cannot prove that, then you won’t be successful with your claim.

The liability laws or responsibility are different according to the state that the event occurred in, when concerning bog bites. For instance, New Jersey, Ohio and California have very strict liability laws, where if the claim is proven by facts and evidence of the injuries, then the owner is held accountable. However, in states such as Virginia and Texas you have a lower chance at winning, because they have a “one-bite” law that says the owner is not liable the first time around if their dog bites someone. So, if you end up being the first person being bit by the owner’s dog, then you might not even have a chance to make a claim.

Dog Bite Claim Negligence

Regardless of the incident, your claim referring to the infection caused by the dog bite can be won if you can prove that the attack by the dog was due to the negligence of the owner’s actions. This refers to the actions of the owner being careless or reckless, which resulted in the dog attacking you. For instance, if the dog owner was not following the leash laws, which allowed the dog to bite you, then you should consider filing for a claim. Another example that could happen is based on the dog owner leaving the dog in the pen, which insufficiently restrained the dog from attacking you.

Your Dog Bite Infection Claim, Consult Your Lawyer

If you’re not sure about your claim or whether the dog owner was being negligent and you have no idea of how to continue the lawsuit claim then think about hiring Las Vegas dog bite attorneys who can take care of the entire process for you and make sure that you have a chance to win.

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