Lowering BAC Levels in Maryland

Lowering BAC Levels in Maryland

For a criminal attorney in Timonium, MD, DUI cases may just be increasing. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has been discussing the possibility of lowering the legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level from its current place at .08, to .05. This shift could, in some cases, equate to the consumption of just one drink! Here’s some quick evidence and explanations of just why this is being considered, and what it might mean overall for the public.

The Evidence

This proposed change comes after some research on the data for potential hazards, finding that the lowered limit of .08 in the 1980’s reduced traffic fatalities in alcohol-related accidents by 50%. The NTSB has found evidence that supports the fact that drivers may already experience difficulty in vision and concentration at a .05 BAC. According to government research, drivers with a BAC of .05 are already 38% more likely to get in an accident. The number jump significantly from there, with 169% being more likely to get in an accident at a BAC of .08.

What does it all mean?

This bounty of evidence really just means that drivers would, overall, be safer and less likely to have traffic accidents if their legal ability to drink alcohol was reduced yet again. Obviously, this is common sense, and some states seem to agree! Whether the NTSB will go through with this solid decision is yet to be seen, but further discussions have taken place for more than just legal BAC reduction. Stricter penalties and longer sentencing are both being considered for drunk driving offenses, as well as the increase usage of passive alcohol sensors. Penalties could include a higher fines, more suspended licenses, and even increased jail time. Combined with a lower legal BAC, this means that even one drink could net you severe traffic violation penalties. This is all, however, dependent upon the NTSB’s ability to collaborate and convince other government agencies to support these changes. Since the NTSB cannot, in and of itself pass legislation, these discussions are just that – discussions.

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