Making a List of Questions for a Reliable Bail Bond Service in Forney TX

Most men and women feel they are completely out of their element when they have to start looking for a Reliable Bail Bond Service in Forney TX. The phone call has come from a close family member after being arrested and charged with a felony. There is no way to pay the full cash bail, but an Internet search indicates that surety bonds can be posted instead for a small percentage of the cash bail.

Gathering Important Information

The person taking on the responsibility of securing a loved one’s freedom may feel a sense of desperation. Nothing else is important right now except getting this individual out of jail as quickly as possible. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to make a short list of questions for the representative at a Reliable Bail Bond Service in Forney TX. That way, the person will have all the important information necessary to proceed.

This person also can go to the website of an agency such as AAA Bail Bonds and read through the information posted there before calling. Acting quickly feels important, but gathering some knowledge before taking action is crucial.

A Big Responsibility

This man or woman is taking on a large responsibility by arranging for a surety bond. The person now must be sure the defendant makes all court appearances as required or the bond may be forfeited. If the defendant disappears, the agency becomes liable for the full cash bail amount. Technically, though, the customer is liable because of the contract that was signed.

Waiting for the Initial Hearing

In some felony cases, the defendant must stay in jail until a hearing is held before a judge. During this hearing, the judge sets the amount of bail after listening to arguments from the prosecuting attorney and the defense lawyer. The defense lawyer maybe a public defender or a private attorney hired by the defendant or the family. When it comes to Felony Bail Bonds, the agency allows the customer to complete the application before the bail amount is announced. After the hearing, the customer can pay the service fee and the bond will be posted.

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