Popular Civil Rights Cases that a Civil Rights Lawyer New Jersey Handles

by | Dec 13, 2013 | Attorney

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Civil rights cases deal with individual rights or liberties that are entrenched in the constitution. Over the years, the interpretation of these rights have transformed with the changes that the American society is going through.  It is important to note that although basic civil liberties are the same all over the country, each state has its interpretation of some of the liberties. A civil rights lawyer represents people in cases where they need the court to interpret the civil law. There are several civil rights cases that are popular in our courts today. Civil rights cases rulings are fundamental and are used as precedents in future cases. This is the reason why getting the best lawyer to represent you in such cases is extremely important. Some of the popular and controversial cases that a civil rights attorney New Jersey will handle include:

Discrimination- the right to equal treatment regardless of age, sex or religious affiliation is something that has been defended over the years. Discriminatory treatment is forbidden and if you feel that you are a victim of discrimination whether at work or in a public place, then getting a civil rights attorney will go a long way in ensuring that you get justice. These types of cases are the most popular civil rights cases that these lawyers handle.

Gay Marriages- the debate of sexuality has not heard its final word. That debate is fought in courts on whether gay couples should be married legally by the state or not. Gay couples have been fighting to be able to hold civil unions in the state for years. This year they were finally given the right to have civil unions. The battle for them to enjoy other rights like heterosexual couples is still in court. A civil rights lawyer represents gay couples in such cases to fight for their civil liberties.

Abortion- abortion is another issue that has drawn controversies in the whole country. The issue of contraception was solved when the Supreme Court ruled that preventing people from taking contraceptives is a breach to the right to privacy. However, the issue of abortion is still something that different group are fighting to either abolish or allow. Civil rights lawyer New Jersey represents the interests of both parties by interpreting the constitution and looking at past rulings.

Dying and death- these are cases that have to deal with assisted death in special cases.  There are some states that have allowed this as the right to die with dignity. However, most states are yet to allow this. This is also becoming a popular type of case that a civil rights lawyer will handle. Choose a lawyer that is acquainted with the changes that are taking place in your state.

Civil rights issues change with each generation. It is important to get a good civil rights lawyer New Jersey when you have such a case.

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