Questions to Ask a Real Estate Attorney in Bel Air, MD

When a person has a question about a real estate transaction, they typically call an agent or broker. However, if the deal is risky or complex, it is best to consult a real estate attorney in Bel Air, MD. Real estate investors, short sale buyers, and those facing foreclosure may benefit from a lawyer’s advice. When choosing a real estate attorney, clients should ask the below questions to find the right match.

How Long Has the Attorney Been Practicing?

Before hiring an attorney, it helps to determine the extent of their legal experience. For help with a purchase agreement, it’s okay to choose a newer attorney. However, complex transactions are better handled by lawyers with at least ten years’ experience in the real estate sector.

How Many Similar Cases Has the Firm Handled?

Every real estate transaction is different, and clients should look for a real estate attorney in Bel Air, MD who handles cases similar to theirs. Such an attorney is better equipped to foresee potential issues and avoid them. To get a personal referral for an attorney, a potential client should contact lawyers in other fields and ask for recommendations, or they can go to friends, neighbors, and family for suggestions.

How Would the Lawyer Handle the Case?

It is acceptable to ask a real estate attorney for an overview of their plans for the case. This step can help a client choose a knowledgeable lawyer. An experienced attorney will provide the client with a rough outline of actions to be taken, such as document filings and requests for information.

How Does Billing Work?

Knowing an attorney’s fee schedule can help a client avoid expensive, unpleasant surprises later. Most real estate lawyers have an hourly rate, which means they charge a certain price for every hour spent working on a transaction. The average hourly fee ranges from $150-$200, but simpler matters can often be handled for a flat fee.

After finding out everything about each lawyer’s background and experience, the client should choose the one who makes them feel most at ease. Real estate transactions can be highly personal, so it makes sense for the client to choose an attorney with whom they can build a level of trust. Visit the website of Michael S. Birch, Attorney at Law, to schedule a no-obligation initial discussion.

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