Reasons for Eviction According to Landlord Tenant Rights in Chicago

by | Nov 27, 2017 | Attorney

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If a landlord wants to evict a problematic tenant, they must have legal reasons to do so. Landlord tenant rights in Chicago dictate that landlords can’t evict tenants because of personality conflicts or slight messiness. While the law does much to protect tenants, there are four nearly universal reasons to evict a renter.

Violation of the Rental or Lease Agreement

Because rental agreements and leases are legally binding contracts, a violation can provide justification for an eviction. For instance, if a person rents an apartment and the lease has a clause banning pet ownership, the landlord can evict the tenant if pets are found. It’s important for landlords to hold up their end of the bargain as well. If a landlord agrees to pay utilities or make certain repairs to the dwelling, they could leave themselves open to litigation if they neglect those responsibilities.

Rent Isn’t Paid on Time

Some jurisdictions allow a grace period for the payment of rent, but a chronically tardy tenant can usually be evicted. If the tenant hasn’t paid rent for one or more months, it can provide a reason for eviction. When tenants are late with rent payments, the landlord should create a paper trail as soon as possible. This way, if the case ends up in court, the landlord can prove they haven’t violated landlord-tenant rights in Chicago.

Property Damage

It’s important to learn the difference between damage and ordinary wear and tear. Scuffed floors and smudges on the wall don’t qualify as damage, but holes in the wall may meet the criteria. This reason may not be legitimate if the tenant makes their own repairs. With that said, a tenant shouldn’t make major repairs or changes unless they’re cleared with the landlord or covered in the lease agreement.

Call a Landlord/Tenant Lawyer for Help with the Eviction Process

Landlords must follow a lengthy set of steps to evict a problematic tenant, and they’re prohibited from performing certain actions such as turning off utilities or changing locks. For help with an eviction process in Chicago, contact the firm of Starr, Bejgiert, Zink & Rowells today.

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