Reasons Why You Should Hire a Social Security Lawyer

When you’re young and healthy, you see that “FICA” on your paycheck and think, “That’s sure a significant portion of my pay.” But years later you will need that money to supplement your living expenses. And if you’re under 62 and unable to work, you may need some of it sooner. That’s where a Social Security attorney can help you. And following are some ways that legal professional can benefit you.

Assist You With Initial Filing

The process of filing a disability claim is quite extensive. It includes information about your condition, work history, medical records and even with whom you live. And if you don’t complete every form — or fill a portion out incorrectly — you risk disqualification of your case. Your Social Security lawyers in Missouri will usually fill the form out for you, while you’re on the phone with them.

Recommend Important Medical Documents

Your disability case is largely going to be determined by your medical records. However, sometimes your Social Security attorney will recommend additional forms, such as an “Environmental Limitations” form, be filled out by your doctor. Your attorney may also recommend that you get a psychological test if you’re suffering from a mental illness.

Coordinate Your Records With Social Security

Most Social Security lawyers in Missouri have direct connections with Social Security, where they can upload and distribute your documents as you send them. This ensures that Social Security always has your latest information.

Advocate at Hearing

Although it often takes two or three years to get there, a Social Security lawyer can help you present your case before a judge. He may make recommendations on how you dress or tell you how to answer certain questions.

Enhance Your Odds of Winning

Your Social Security lawyers from Missouri can better help you win your case. He may, for example, countermand what a vocational expert says, indicating you can’t work the jobs suggested.

Social Security Law Firm, Grundy Disability Group LLC, understands how crushing a disability can be, which is why its lawyers devote all their time to disability cases.

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